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Soap Opera Icons

Icons For Soap Lovers

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This community is set up to honor those wonderful things we are so addicted to....soap operas. CBS, NBC, ABC, WB, all you can think of. This is a place where icon makers can show their talents and share what they have with everyone. Everyone is welcome, please feel free to join. This community is for all those soaps and their actors/actresses.
ALWAYS give credit and comment if you take an icon.
Requests are welcome, however, make sure that you put the name of the soap or actor in the subject line. We can't guarantee request completion but we will try. :)
The icons shared or requested can be slash as well.
No flame wars.
If you flame, you will be banned.
Everyone has a favorite, so play nice.
Please put all icons behind a cut, make sure that there are only two "teasers" visable.
If You feel I have left out any soap, be it daytime (Past or present) or primetime (Past or present) please feel free to let me know and I will add it asap.
Please no advertising in this community without an icon post.
Feel free to pimp your own icon journal with your post though if you wish.